About the plans for land within Knowle West Health Park
Find out more about the plans for land within Knowle West Health Park.
Where is the site you are looking at?

Knowle West Health Park is accessed by road off Downton Road. The entire 4.5 hectare site was allocated within Bristol City Council’s Local Plan for community use, open space, business and housing (Site Allocation reference BSA1112).

There is currently a pedestrian access off Kildare Road. Existing buildings and much of the public open space at the Health Park will remain in place. The 1.2 hectare area we are looking at for homes adjacent to the Health Park is indicated with an orange line on the interactive map, with the wider BCC-owned site allocation indicated with a red line.

What stage is the project at?

Bristol City Council has appointed a team of architects, urban designers, town and transport planners, public engagement specialists and commercial advisors to bring forward plans for the site.

The intention is to submit an outline planning application in Summer 2021. Ahead of that, we will be working with the community to design proposals for the site which respond to local needs and aspirations. We have now launched the first stage of public participation, where we are looking for local people and stakeholders to contribute their ideas, suggestions and issues that they would like to see addressed by the proposals for this prominent site.

What is the vision for the site?

The overarching vision is to deliver new homes on this council owned land. Bristol’s Local Plan identified this land as one which could help us deliver approximately 50 homes.

We understand that new homes need community infrastructure to be delivered alongside them in order to meet local needs, and the added value of engaging local residents in shaping the development from the outset.

That's why we're keen to start hearing from you at the beginning of the process, so you can help us understand what this site needs to deliver to make a positive contribution to the local area.

Who will build the proposed new homes?

The outline planning application that we submit to the local planning authority will establish how many new homes and what associated community infrastructure the site can deliver, as well as how it will be accessed by foot, cycle and motor vehicles.

By owning the site, Bristol City Council can have a say over how many of the proposed new homes will be affordable, what kind of new homes should be built and who delivers the proposals. By taking forward the outline planning application, we can remove some of the risk and embed quality/design criteria, making it more attractive to potential delivery partners.

The choice of delivery route and ultimately delivery partner will be influenced by how closely it/they can meet the community's aspirations identified during this process, the commercial considerations of the site and how they fit with City’s and the Council's broader aspirations.

How can I have my say?

You can either highlight specific suggestions on the interactive map, or complete a short questionnaire to let us know about your broader aspirations for the site and its local environment.

We want to work with the local community, businesses and interest groups as we develop the vision and objectives for the redevelopment of the site, within the parameters of what is possible. Proposals will be informed by a mix of planning policy, community and stakeholder engagement, and a range of technical and design studies.

The initial stage of public participation, where we're asking for your broad ideas, suggestions and issues to be addressed, will run until early Summer 2021. Later in the year, we will be launching the public consultation on the draft proposals. Please sign up to our mailing list to keep informed about opportunities to have your say.

How can I find out more?

There will be further opportunities for you to have your say as the project progresses. The website will be updated with new information on a regular basis. If you would like to receive regular project updates, sign up to the mailing list.

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